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Donate to Help Save the Yellowstone Grizzly

The great bears need room to roam in an era of climate change, wildfire and drought

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Help Save the Yellowstone Grizzly

Save the Yellowstone Grizzly fights for the welfare of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states by working to establish migration corridors, to oppose trophy hunting, and to create bear-friendly communities, providing refuge for grizzlies whose habitat is affected by climate change.

Our Projects:

  • Establish highway wildlife crossings to connect Yellowstone bears with grizzly populations to the north.
  • Work with communities in grizzly country to find ways that people and bears can share the landscape.
  • Pressure wildlife management agencies to resolve conflicts in a manner that prioritizes grizzly conservation.
  • Share the magic and beauty of Grizzly Country with national and international audiences through films, lectures and social media.

Watch our award winning short documentary "The Beast of Our Time: Climate Change & Grizzly Bears." Narrated by Jeff Bridges, this inquiry into the effects of climate change on grizzly bears is both a dire warning and a call to action. Now available on our website and social media platforms.